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aa Telephone Meetings

For instruction about using the telephone for meetings, scroll down below the list for the instructions.

Meetings listed here are for 1 hour and meet 7 days a week:
Time Type of Meeting Phone number Access Code
7:00 am Women's Meeting 515-606-5431 192390#
8:30 am Discussion 605-475-4821 757034#
12 Noon Discussion 712-432-0075 654443#
1:00 pm Discussion 712-775-7031 198520#
6:00 pm Discussion 712-451-0675 522178#
8:00 pm Big Book Literature 425-436-6200 575176#

Phone meetings are very similar to face-to-face meetings. Once you find the phone number and the access code you simply dial the number and you will be prompted for the code. It's important to remember that these are not 1-800 numbers. However there are sometimes ways of accessing the meetings without using minutes. You can ask about 'back door' (at the end of the meeting) numbers in the parking lot.

There are discussion meetings and literature meetings. If you call in right at the beginning of the meeting they will define the format. If you call in late, which is perfectly fine, you can usually figure out the format by listening for a while. Phone meetings are just like face-to-face in that it sometimes takes a while to get a sense of each individual meeting. It also takes a while to get to know the regular attendees of each meeting.

Usually when you are joined into a meeting your phone is muted automatically. If you want to speak most phone meetings ask that you press * 6 to unmute.

Before speaking it is customary to ask to be heard, make sure that people can hear you and of course introduce yourself.

Some meetings have a gentle time reminder which is someone who will come in after a designated amount of time, usually four or five minutes, and remind a speaker to start wrapping up. Some meetings have no time limit for sharing.

At the end of most meetings there is time for announcements. Then the meeting is over and the moderator will open the parking lot. Usually phone numbers are exchanged for support and for outreach first. Then there is a more free-flowing conversational time when people can bring up any topic or just chat. Often a few people will chat and others will listen. Anyone can jump into the conversation.