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From what I hear there has been much discussion about Zoom meetings. Only two have sent me a comprehensive list for Zoom meetings. Safety with Zoom appears to be a big concern. On the web site there are links to do safety for Zoom. (BTW Zoom is not the only tool available for on-line meetings.) If you are concerned about Zoom try another. I will be willing to try out alternatives, just email the webmaster or the meeting chair. It is good to know the hot line will help one find a meeting.

As the webmaster, I am finding that there are meetings going on that I do not know about. Some of the chairs are very concerned about safety so they keep their meeting off the website. One has shared a hacking experience. It was reported that the chair was able to lock out the hacker and people got a laugh. This is good news that they were able to take an issue, fix it and move on.

DEIG has been very good at bringing the districts together for events and meeting list. When visitors came in from other states, I found out that they were using the Meeting App to find meetings. Since the Meeting App was getting the meetings from the CSO Maine site, which is outdated. Code was written so that the Meeting App could get the Json file it needed to get an updated list for the DEIG area.

Now we have a pandemic. Everything has changed and in my opinion from my observation, will be very slow to return to the normal physical meetings and events. From what I have heard from the physical meetings that I have attended, I have drawn the conclusion that many of us have been in some really discouraging environments and the drink turned out to be a good tranquilizer. Dr Bob and Bill W have concluded that alcoholics helping alcoholics is the strongest cure we have for sobriety. But now we have a stealth enemy that can’t be identified and it is better to err on the side of safety. But if you are coming from an environment like I have experienced, it is hard to reach out to ask for help when you don’t feel safe. It is too easy just to say don’t drink and go to meetings. Instead, try asking what help do you need? Yes, that is much harder and terrifying but remember the AA pledge of being there when one ask for help. Sincere help is needed.

Real help is not easy. It is easier to stay in a ‘safe’ zone rather than reaching out for help. I would like to know how many in the DEIG area could use help in finding a safe meeting to attend on-line. Are finding meetings difficult now? We have just a few on-line meetings posted. It would be good if meeting chairs would be willing to take calculated risk and get their on-line meetings posted. It would be helpful to have a place where people can share their experience in writing as well as in meetings what they are doing to stay sober doing this pandemic. The webmaster for one will greatly appreciate hearing from others about their experience. It is too easy for the webmaster to forget meetings and get lost in my projects, such as learning new tools for websites, splitting wood, bike riding, and prep to get on the water.

What are your experiences, requests and / or what do you need to stay away from a drink? Please give feed back to the newsletter, meeting list, or web site chair. Together we can get through this pandemic stronger than by ourselves. If I am not going to help, who will?